CamaC Collections
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Feature Spotlight
Direct Credit Card Payments with popular merchant options
Seamless Cash Drawer Reconciliation and Deposit Preparation
Tax Billing Integration with 3rd Party Printing Companies
Multi-Owner, Account, Jurisdiction & Year Payment Options
Special Inventory and General Taxpayer Escrow
ACH Funds Distribution to Jurisdictions
  • Live Collection Status available to Jurisdiction via Web
  • Web Based Payments and Account Inquiry
  • Electronic Supplement Processing
  • Integrated Flexible Security
  • Electronic Mortgage Company Payments
  • Fully Audited Change Tracking
  • AG Rollback Computation
  • Electronic Delinquent Tax Attorney Export
  • Reproduce any Report at any given time
  • Robust Search Criteria for Accounts & Owners
  • Generate User-Defined Flags
  • Mobile Home Processing
  • Complex Payment Capabilities: Manual, Reverse, Import
  • Excel Integration
  • Online Private Documentation for Users
  • Exemplary Technical Support from Capitol