The chemicals market encompasses a wide range of products from bulk commodities to specialty additives. We have appraised these properties in some of the most densely integrated industrial areas in the country.

Our professional engineers have experience with every imaginable circumstance that has occurred in 39 years of appraising chemical plants along the Gulf Coast. Current facilities we appraise include Bayer Material Science, ExxonMobil, Formosa Plastics, Huntsman Chemical Corporation, and Shell Chemicals, just to name a few. These sites can be found in Beaumont, Houston, Port Arthur and Port Lavaca.

The greatest impact on the value of a chemical plant is the demand for the plant’s products. With many options for downstream uses and heavy integration between chemical sites, there are many complexities surrounding appraisal. Let our seasoned team bring the trusted expertise you need to account for the complexity and volatility of the chemical plant valuation process.